Dog trends at Interzoo

While I’m writing about product and lifestyle trends from Interzoo – the world’s biggest pet supplies trade fair – for Homebuildlife this week, I also wanted to mention the dogs breeds I saw. While every tradeshow will see some visitors bring their kids along, this particular tradeshow is notable for the sheer numbers of dogs. At least 40% of visitors bring their dogs, I’d say, and it’s not uncommon to see dogs manning a stand either. Here’s my top five:

Pug – Characterful, portable and still not as naff to own as other small breeds have become, the pug also seems better-tempered in crowds and with strangers. This was definitely the case at Interzoo, where my new friend from Muffin & Berry (above) was a delight to get to know.


Miniature Schnauzer – Interzoo’s held in Nuremberg, so the German breeds of dog do have a head start. That aside, the miniature schnauzer was still a clear favourite. There was even a tiny black puppy on one stand. Mini schnauzer puppies are pretty cute.

Weimaraner – A larger dog with a blue-grey coat and noble air, also of German origin. This breed seems to be replacing the greyhound as the leggy dog of choice.

Chihuahua – Still the toy dog of choice for a certain type of fashionable lady (or man), and usually seen sporting a miniature tutu or dress for the occasion of Interzoo.

Labrador – The vanilla of the dog world: beautiful, friendly, reliable, and unlikely to go out of fashion.

Honourable mentions: I just saw one sausage dog, but one was enough to brighten my day. I met a saluki breeder, and saw a pair of them walking the show floor too, and they really are beautiful.

Dog trends at Interzoo