Inside Milan Design Week 2012

While designers and journalists scurry around the streets of Milan on the look out for the next big thing, the details surrounding the event are often the icing on the cake. This time around, anti-design graffiti, unwilling Fuori participants and neon poetry caught my eye.

At Cerruti Baleri, you could write to your favourite designers: a wall of postboxes dedicated to the likes of Arik Levy and Philippe Starck were accompanied by a wrting desk, pen and paper.

On the way to Design Village in Zona Tortona, we let sleeping (stone) dogs lie – and followed the forks for a while.

At La Rinascente, the giant Milanese department store which has its own Design Supermarket, I perused rainbow thread-wrapped elephants, and at Spazio Rossana Orlandi the groupings of wireframe animals were a definite crowd-pleaser.

Cute canapes at Superstudio Piu refuelled visitors to Canon’s brilliant Neoreal: In The Forest experience, while Past Present Future offered poetry further inside the venue and Baxter‘s neon artwork, C’est Le Courage Qui Compte (It’s The Courage That Counts) reminded visitors to Salone del Mobile why we were all bothering in the first place.

Inside Milan Design Week 2012