Top ten placards at March for the Alternative

Last Saturday marked the first time I have ever participated in a public protest. I was one of the upwards of 250,000 people walking together, largely peacefully and enthusiastically, from Temple – Hyde Park for March for the Alternative. It was an important day and hopefully it will have some effect; at the very least it should now be clear to the shapers of this country that a huge proportion of it are not content with their decisions.

One of the things that struck me most while on the march was the creative approach taken to placards. Turns out the British public are brilliant at thinking up funny, poignant, interesting, impactful or just downright silly slogans – and then drawing them onto cardboard in big crude black pen. Here are my ten favourites.

This is shit.

David Cameron is a smarmy bastard.

HOPELESS – beneath an image of Cameron or Clegg drawn in the style of the iconic Obama PROGRESS campaign poster

Ask not what your country can do for you… no, seriously – don’t ask!

We DON’T agree with Nick.

I can’t afford a bigger placard because of the spending cuts. (Written on a tiny piece of cardboard)

David Cameron killed my puppy.

Arts education is not a privilege, it’s a right.

Hands off my future – all the more affecting considering its location, drawn onto the t-shirts of two girls aged about 5

Student fees… £9000 / Cost of living… sky high / Nick Clegg telling us the truth… priceless

Top ten placards at March for the Alternative