“There’s a lot of poetry here – we don’t want to be humdrum”

Things to learn from this article (written by Lucy Bullivant and published on DomusWeb), which is a great read on a number of different topics.

Ferran Adria has a legacy –

“Had Adria been an architect, he would probably have joined the pantheon of deconstructivist masters. His emotive, vibrant scientific approach to food has spawned new dish typologies – edible beetroot, mushroom and potato foam for example – and certainly broken down forever pristine barriers between sweet and sour.”

ElBulli becomes elBulli Foundation –

“It will be a private, non-profit foundation for all avant-garde gastronomy lovers, chefs, sommeliers, front-of-house professionals, gourmets, creative thinkers including writers and philosophers and people from the street, too – enthusiasts of our dream.” – Ferran Adria

Sustainable architecture (as pioneered by this conversion) is, by necessity, the future –

“We need architecture immersed in nature, an architecture that’s alive…. There’s a lot of poetry here – we don’t want to be humdrum. All the buildings will be like sets because we need to change; everything needs to be adaptable. Because of its emblematic nature, the dining room will be kept intact in its current form.

Architecture is the primary cause of climate change – 40% of CO2 emissions. The future of architecture should cure climate change…. It will be a zero-emission pilot project, relying on wind, sun, wave and geothermal energy – a self-sustaining smart grid to make a point of self-sufficiency. We want to protect, conserve and increase biodiversity here. Our scheme includes a seascape on the site that deals with the creation of hydrogen from algae. People need pilot projects, otherwise what kind of city will we have in the future?” – Enric Ruiz-Geli

“There’s a lot of poetry here – we don’t want to be humdrum”

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