Room 407 by Ontwerpduo

I chanced upon this during a frenzied research trip across the internet. It’s from September 2010 and it entranced me: an entire room, temporary and built out of fairytales, by Ontwerpduo, the brilliant Dutch designers of this ceiling light – which I both saw and liked at imm Cologne last month.

The room in question is called Room 407 and was designed for the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam as part of Inside Design 2010. Ontwerpduo were briefed to transform a fairly ordinary hotel room; they did this by filling it with their newest designs, all following the theme of a fairytale.

Thus the ceiling light and curtains “overgrow the room” – Sleeping Beauty. The bed is piled up with soft green mattresses, fit for a Princess and also possibly a pea; the Twelve Brothers, the Ghost in the Glass and Little Red Riding Hood all also inhabit the room.

All photos by Marly Gommans.

Room 407 by Ontwerpduo