Mothers by Martin Creed

Detail from Work no. 1095 by Martin Creed (2011)














Turner prize-winning artist Martin Creed is currently showing a selection of new pieces at Hauser & Wirth, Savile Row, London. The exhibition is entitled Mothers, with its centrepiece a monumental sculpture consisting of the titular word spinning around the gallery space at dizzying speed. Other works on show include paintings and photographic studies, and Creed has also released a single and video to accompany the exhibition.

Work no. 1065 by Martin Creed (2011)














I found the exhibition very powerful and would recommend it; the friend I went with judged it to be very much the Emperor’s new clothes, confirming Creed as an opinion-dividing artist. The paintings are arguably the weakest part – if you are someone who is arguing for a weakest part – but certain ones had me transfixed. An amateur’s way of judging how good art is, but a fairly reliable way nonetheless. If you can’t look away, no matter how little you know about art history, accepted tastes, or skilled techniques, it’s doing something right.

I blogged yesterday about Paul Morley’s recent interview with the artist, and here’s another chance: read it here.

Work no. 1167 by Martin Creed (2011)














Mothers runs until 5 March 2011 at Hauser & Wirth, 23 Savile Row, London W1S 2ET.

Mothers by Martin Creed