imm Cologne trends

The interior trends on show at imm Cologne this year were very impressive, not least because they tied into WGSN’s macrotrends for spring/summer 2011 (and moving on into autumn/winter 2011/12) so perfectly. This isn’t just vanity on our part, although it is satisfying to see our trends confirmed. If we’re all reading from the same page on what’s happening, chances are we’ve all got it right. The trend curated by Patricia Urquiola at the event, Emotional Austerity, was a dead ringer for Fair & Square, which is a particularly attractive and timely trend due to its advocacy of sustainability within design.

An introductory blurb provided by imm puts the customer mindset into context, and stands alone as an evocative piece of writing about desirable interiors. Reprinted here, the text that follows is from imm:

It’s been called “homing” for years: that magical word, that complete residential concept. Nature, genuineness and heartfelt cordiality are the order of the day, something you instinctively know from your own conception of the pastoral idyll. And for this, there are cosy sofas, fireplace-heated rooms, plush carpets, silky pillows, walls of natural stone, mineral bathtubs, solid wood dressers.

Of course, natura materials like wood, glass, stone have become readily available, along with a colour palette in nature’s spectrum. People are becoming more sensitive to – and sensible with – the resources of this world. Even with furniture, they are paying closer attention to the material and its origins. They are paying heed to the volume of raw materials and their recyclability. It’s worth nothing here that the discussion of the “cradle to cradle” approach is beginning. “Cradle to cradle” aims at a virtually one hundred per cent recovery of all components, and opposes their disposal on the rubbish heap, or their incineration, or their recycling into far inferior components. Increasingly, raw materials are being reused. Some European furniture manufacturers are already pursuing this prudent approach today.

imm Cologne trends