Food design, discussed

GOOD, increasingly my favourite place on the internet, recently held an online debate about the future of food. They interviewed a range of thinkers on different aspects of the subject, and encouraged readers to join in the conversation too. I’m very much into food design, and the future of food is an interesting concept (see this blog post too). There are few things more basic to being human than eating, and how we do it/why we do it/who we do it with are some of the most revealing sociological indicators we have as a culture.

Some links, then, so that you can enjoy the goodness too:

  • The images above, of printed chocolate and a seed safe respectively, are products from the mind of Marti Guixe, food designer and overall genius: his website is always worth visiting
  • How to change what people eat through their DNA, as explained by Australia’s Science Alert



Food design, discussed