Something to chew on/3

I’ve been reading DAMn magazine for the first time, expecting not to like it, and it has surprised me. This issue, 26, features lots of intelligent designers being allowed to speak about intelligent things. Interestingly frank, as well: I’m not sure whether they have forgotten they’re speaking for a magazine, or whether DAMn just allows more freedom than most.

Here are a good few things to chew on.

Hella Jongerius in conversation with Jerszy Seymour

Use your creativity in another way than making a new chair or an object. I don’t think that’s the future. That’s not where we will innovate any more.

On ideals: It sounds kind of romantic to me. Of course it’s all very nice and everything but we have to deal with the dirty reality. That’s the fuck.

Enzo Mari in conversation with Massimo Morozzi and Alberto Meda

This surrounding mess has become our school, our reference point, our inspiration. Not only in design, obviously, but in everything. It’s the by-product of superficiality, of people mistaking freedom of expression with ignorant anarchy. Are people happy with it? Possibly, because real knowledge is hard work. What a philosopher thinks can be summarised in one straight-forward page. But in order to get there, he wrote 800 pages of clarifications, answers to possible opposing opinions, arguments. Diffused banality brings about empty idea repetition.


Something to chew on/3