The cabaret’s in town

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural night of La Soiree, the fantastic new variety show from the stars of, and brains behind, La Clique – which if you don’t already know, was a big West End hit a year or so ago.

La Soiree takes place in the intimate surroundings of Southbank Big Top – tucked behind the National Theatre, this is a venue which boasts exactly the brand of worn decadence I go for. Everything is red crushed velvet, painted gold ‘gilt’, faux-Art Deco lighting and, most important of all, everyone wears bowler hats.

The show boasts: a master (and mistress) of ceremonies; a clutch of handsome, muscled young men who pole dance, swing from the ceiling, take bubble baths and perform acrobatics; a hula hoop goddess; the most sweetly twisted puppetry you’ll see in London; a double-jointed Norwegian, and a dramatic artiste.

It’s quite simple, really: just go.

The cabaret’s in town