Feminism/lots of it

This has been a good week for feminism, in the media and online. In fact, Friday was pretty intense for me as I started the day with Bidisha’s cracking article, listened to Woman’s Hour on, firstly, gendered upbringings for children (guest-starring the fab author of my current bedtime book, Cordelia Fine) and secondly, hairstyles (seriously), followed by Rosa’s pretty great blog which led me to find this bit of feminism.

Firstly, Bidisha – brave Guardian for publishing it and, as ever, stunningly brave Bidisha for writing it. The last paragraph knocked my socks off. Charlie Brooker routinely commits more violent and extreme trains of thought to paper, and is worshipped by Guardian-readers for it, but this paragraph came from a woman – and, worse, a feminist! How would the notoriously easily offended Commenters react? Predictably, they were offended; and both rude and ignorant in their response to the article.

Some worrying things are happening at the moment* and largely being ignored; oases of sense like the ones above are crucial to staying sane.

*to be even more scared, read the comments to this video – so, so many people defending the relationship depicted as being “normal” or “just passionate”

Feminism/lots of it