Renegade Craft/the continued growth of

I’ve been following the resurgence of craft over the past few years with great interest. Young women have been rediscovering, reinventing and reclaiming all manner of traditional craft forms with huge gusto, and while I sometimes wonder whether an ancient and gorgeous form of craft like, say, weaving really needs ‘reinventing’, I think it’s generally a positive phenomenon. 

Previous posts (this one especially) have made it clear how strongly I feel about women making the most of their history and celebrating their achievements. Domestic craft, especially textiles-based, is historically the preserve of females. It’s always been one of the most important ways for us to communicate, explore our talent and (no less importantly) produce beautiful objects. New generations twisting the best parts of feminine history and making it their own is no bad thing.

One of the advantages of moving to London is that everything is happening around you. Renegade craft is particularly active in London, home as it is to dozens of art schools and thousands of enthusiastic, skilled and time-rich creatives bursting with ideas about how to improve the world.

Renegade craft often has a political or ecological edge. The Craftivist Collective are a great example of this, and have been milling round the London area for a fair while now doing all sorts of brilliant and occasionally quite loopy things. Read about them here if you’re not yet familiar with their work.

I’m hoping to get involved with them soon, and will report on happenings as and when they… happen. Until then, here’s a bite-sized chunk of renegade craft from the US to keep the thirst quenched.

I discovered Subversive Cross-Stitch last month and have been going back to it sporadically ever since to appreciate its own particular take on the renegade craft trend.

Admittedly there are more meaningful and intelligent ways to get a point across long-term, but their method is definitely high-impact, and pretty funny.

Renegade Craft/the continued growth of