Brave new world/potential apps for

Last week, a psychological experiment was performed on French TV, supposedly to test how far people would go just to stay on TV.

‘Subjects’ would pretend to be electrocuted when participants pressed a button, and the point was to see if they would electrocute to the point of death just because a woman in a shiny dress and matching lipgloss told them to. Apparently this is astonishing news… if you gloss over the fact that this wasn’t a groundbreaking or even new experiment, having being carried out much more intelligently and with more genuinely shocking results in the 1960s by Stanley Ingram. It’s not like this is an obscure experiment: every A-level Psychology student knows it inside-out. So it being reported in the media so breathlessly is bizarre.

In other breathtakingly stupid news of the week, a new advert for the iPhone boasts about an app that allows you to point your phone into a carpark and unlock your vehicle from metres away. So if you find or steal an iPhone now, you have automatic access to that person’s car, after some pointing and clicking. Add that to the personal details you could get from their email/facebook/ebay account, which they’ll probably still be logged into, and you may as well hand over all your valuables on a plate.

This made me wonder what other iPhone apps would be heading our way soon.

Who fancies a game of monkey tennis?

Avoidance GPS: using your nemesis/ex-partner’s phone number to locate their current position, your phone tracks where they are at any given time and keeps you updated, so you can avoid them on a night out. If you stray too close to the bar or club they are in, the phone emits a warning in the form of the Jaws themetune.

Function can also be inverted and, in a handy two-in-one, becomes Stalker GPS. (Jaws themetune remains in place).

Selective mute: using Augmented Reality capability, you can point your phone at anyone nearby and mute any sound emitting from them, creating an instantly peaceful environment for yourself. Potential to be vastly overused on public transport, and also dangerous for those in relationships as your partner may not be too impressed by stealthy use under the table when your favourite TV programme is on.

Brave new world/potential apps for